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Core Business Crunch Workshop

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Our Core Business Crunch is designed to help business owners plan and implement necessary foundations and business processes to experience success on a whole business level.  Presenting on topics from customer care to administration and finance, we have put together a program to give you tools to operate on your next level of excellence while walking with you through each step.  This creative workshop will help you produce a custom action plan for your business.  Whether you're just starting off or already in operation, if you are looking to become more business whole, this was made for you. 

Price: $150 Per Person
October 8, 2022
| 6630 Eli Whitney Dr. Ste E Columbia, MD | 10am-3pm

One on One Consultations




Action Plan



Catered Lunch 

Registration Closes October 1, 2022 @ 11:59pm




Why does your business exist? Gain clarity and direction to draft your who, what, why, where, and how



The importance of logos, color schemes, web presence, consistent styles, and themes. Getting you connected to design experts that can help you create brand images for products and online presence



Overall operational and administrative functions needed for effective communication, business filing upkeep, task and management, and more



How easy is it from start to finish of booking a service or selling a product? This section will cover creating processes that make life easier for you


Customer Service

The way we communicate to and serve our customers matter. What we communicate and when we do matters.  This section will go over the need for professional customer care and service standards  


Business Registrations

State filing, business types, tradenames, trademarks, TAX ID numbers, etc.  All business related filings to get your business legalized and protected with the state


Professional Photos

Whether headshots, product portraits, or general service captures.  We will partner with Cookie Captures Photography to get your brand captured



Discussion around the importance of financial processes, bookkeeping, business banking, receipt retention, taxes, and other fiscal matters


Contracts and Agreements

Every type of business needs terms in writing to not only protect themselves from customer expectations, but to protect their customers as well. This section will cover the importance of documentation that communicates expectations, payment schedules, return, termination policies, and more


Professional Development

The importance of your individual development, how it helps your business relations and success, and getting to know your weak and strong points so you know where to get help to work smarter


  1. Do I have to have an established business to attend?

    • No. You can have the idea for your business, be in the start up phase, or have an established business.  As long as you are looking to grow and do things in good order, this is for you.

  2. When will one-on-ones take place?

    • One-on-one consultations will be scheduled after your registration date and until October 2nd.

  3. Can I pay in installments?

    •  Yes, the registration fee can be paid in full or in biweekly installments until 10/1.

  4. Can I bring my team?

    • Contact us for packages to include more than one team member

  5. When can I take my portraits?

    • Portraits can be taken the day of the workshop or scheduled anytime in Sept-Nov​​. You will be able to choose a preference at registration.

  6. Will you help me register my business?

    • Yes, we will help you complete registrations as a part of the course.  Note, you will have to pay separate fees to the state for your registrations. 

  7. If I don't have the capacity to complete certain business action items, is this something Crunch Financials can do?

    • Yes, we can be hired to take the lead on many of the topics we go over.​​ 

  8. Is this workshop available virtually?

    • Not at the moment, but we will host virtual workshops in 2023​

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